January 28, 2009

One Month-versary!!!

      <~~~~Shrinkage in Full Effect
You guys, I can hardly believe this! Time just flew by. I thought that this journey would be a long, painstaking one, but it's been fun and really, REALLY easy. I seriously just wake up, take a shower and go. I don't have to comb or style my hair and I don't have to use any products. Welcome to the good life!!! 

This is definitely a personalized journey. I haven't done everything according to the letter in terms of what new Sisterlockers should do. Here's a list of all the rules I've broken:
  • "B&B" Braid and Band the hair before washing...X -> Strands of hair would pull out and my scalp was not fully cleansed. I wash my locks loose with minimal issues.
  • Wash with Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo...-> I have very dry scalp and shampoo will aggravate it even more. I haven't use shampoo in ages. I cleanse with Listerine. See my week 1 post for more information.
  • Separate each lock after washing...X -> This was too time-consuming and somewhat unnecessary due to the method I used to dry my hair. See below.
  • Use a towel to dry locks...-> I don't have a micro-fiber towel and I don't want to use a t-shirt, so drying with a regular towel was my only option that was sure to give me lots of lint in my locks. Therefore, I literally shake all of the water from my hair. It takes five minutes for it to stop dripping and my hair gets completely air-dried in about 20 minutes.
  • Limit washing to once a week or once every two weeks...-> No can do. My scalp would go crazy. I wash my hair as often as it needs (sometimes 2x a week). Plus, I rinse my hair in the shower everyday...whether I wash it or not. Water is a natural girl's best friend. My sisterlocks are so soft because of it!
Now, I'm not suggesting to anyone out there to do what I have done
But my advice to "extra newbies"...lol...(i.e. those with only test sisterlocks and women with sisterlocks only a few days old) is to research/find out what your hair likes/dislikes. The suggestions passed down from Consultants and other veteran/longtime sisterlockers are valuable, but may not always apply to you. Every head of sisterlocks is different. Do you.

What I Accomplished in Month 1:
  • Learned what worked for my dry scalp in terms of itchiness
  • Did not over-style my baby locks
  • Did not add any oil or conditioner to my hair
  • Did not have sisterlocks envy and did not accept any negative energy toward my own locks from other people
  • Prevented pesky lint from getting into my locks
  • Appreciated the look and shrunken length of my hair. Acceptance is important.
Some Goals for Month 2:
  • Do a flat twist style
  • Curl my locks
  • Recreate two-strand twists
  • Do a Cornrow style
  • Do a donut bun
  • Create elegant updos
  • Do a French braid (hair may not be long enough for it, so this will be on every goal list until I am able to do it! LOL)
  • Rock accessories (flowers/beads/jewels/scarves/hair ties, etc)
  • Create a scented water spritz (water + fragrant essential oil) to keep my hair smelling awesome 24/7
Below are just some pics I took today to showcase my month-old locks. Nothing special...no cute style...but the pics do highlight the fact that my hair has gotten so much thicker in just one month. I've reached my shrinkage length (it won't shrink any shorter). Right now I'm just eager for my lock babies to mature. I'm only a few months away!

January 20, 2009

Follow-up session @ Week 3, and..........PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

<~~ My Great Sisterlocks Consultant, 
Mrs. Beulah Whymns


Well, well, well. Today makes 3 weeks with my Sisterlocks and my lovely consultant (B. Whymns) gave me a follow-up session. It was great seeing her again. This was needed because a few of my 'babies' (the shortest locks in the very center of my head) had unraveled and I maintained them by finger-twisting. The retightening session lasted for 2  1/2 hours. She told me it's best for me to re-tighten every 4-5 weeks, but to not go beyond 6 weeks. I think I'll stretch to every 5 weeks.

Congrats America on your new President!!! I've been crying ALL DAY. I wish you guys peace, prosperity and security in the coming years. What an awesome day. Not only is he intelligent, cool and confident, but, YOUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!! LOL. How exciting. What a blessing it is to be alive to witness history...not just for Americans, but for African descendants around the world. January 20, 2009... a day for the history books! God bless! Take care and enjoy the festivities tonight! From tomorrow on, there's work to be done!!!! 

Sunshine Sisterlocks

January 19, 2009

Time out...I've Been Tagged!

1.Link to the person that tagged you ~~~~> Sereni-T
2.Post the rules on your blog
3.Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself that have not been shared already

Six things you may not know about me:
* I'm a coffee-addict
* I'm legally blind
* I once was extremely shy, but now I'm a social butterfly
* I watch/check the news 24/7. It's always playing in the background on my laptop
* I scratch my back when I'm bored...even if it's not itching.
* I have a thing for guys with foreign accents. lol

Sunshine Sisterlocks

January 09, 2009

Week 1 and the itchies!!! I found the solution!//SLs in motion Video

Hello world and all who inhabit it! :)

So my scalp is famous for being extra dry and flaky for no reason. I don't have dandruff, surprisingly, just loads of dryness. I was told that I can't use conditioner as well as oils, because it would prolong the locking process.

I immediately hit the "innanets" to find a solution and boy did I ever! LISTERINE! It was suggested to use only the amber-colored original version, so that's what I did. I filled up a spray bottle of undiluted Listerine and spray it on my scalp in the shower whenever necessary. IT WORKS! Just be sure to rinse thoroughly. My itchies have totally subsided and I am forever indebted to whoever first found this golden nugget of information and shared it with the world. lolol

Other than that, week 1 has been filled with compliments from family/friends/strangers AND some slight shrinkage...which, by now, I obviously do not mind!

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January 01, 2009

Locked Up!!!! Happy New Year!

New year, New style, New me!

I'm finally a member of the Sisterlocks community!
The installation process took 24 hrs over 3 days (Dec. 29-31).
I'm so excited...I can't keep my hands out of my hair :) 
I counted and can proudly say that I have 436 Locks!!!


Sunshine Sisterlocks