October 08, 2008

Hello World!

Welcome to Sunshine Sisterlocks! 

Pull up a seat and get comfortable! My name is Miss Jade on the natural hair sites. Feel free to check out my Fotki hair album here.

I've been natural (4a/b) for 3 years and relaxer-free for 4 years this December. I never imagined that I'd make a full year without a relaxer, much less four! But I couldn't help but fall in love with my natural hair.

At this point in my natural journey, I'm in dire need of a change. I've been experiencing knots like you wouldn't believe (See Exhibit A)! I swear I've done everything imaginable. From trims to loads of deep conditioning, detangling and protective styling - I really tried, but I can no longer prevent the knots. If you look closely at this particular pic, you'll see that the hair not only knots easily, but locks easily as well. Mind you, this is the morning after having deep conditioned, thoroughly detangled and set fatty twists in my hair before bed. So I figured, if my hair wants to lock on it own, I will no longer fight it. It was just a matter of how I'd want it to lock up. 

Which brings me to sisterlocks! I'd heard about them 3 years ago from my friend's mother, who happened to be (and still is) the only sisterlocks consultant in the Bahamas. At the time, I was newly natural and enjoyed playing in and learning about my hair, so I was far from interested. I did keep them in mind though. Fast forward 3 years and I now have 3 friends, all sisterlocked, looking fabulous and enjoying their locks to the fullest! It only seemed like the most logical route for me to take. I've researched this off-and-on for 2 years now and I am finally ready to get my sisterlocks. I have absolutely no doubts or fears. My only obstacle right now is distance. I'm away @ university in Canada, so I won't be able to get my hair locked until I go home in December. So I'm using this time to stalk people's albums/blogs/videos on Youtube. lol

If you have any advice or comments, I welcome them all. I can't wait to officially be a  member of the sisterlocks sisterhood!


Sunshine Sisterlocks