December 15, 2009

Quick Update - regimen change :D

Hello! New regimen!

So, I've joined the gym & hired a trainer two weeks ago. Because of this, I pretty much sweat my butt off 5 days a week. The salt/sweat has increased my dandruff tremendously. Shampooing once a week was NOT cutting it for me anymore. To keep my scalp issues at bay, I've resorted to washing my hair nightly - after each workout. I shampoo, shake, separate, wrap in a towel to catch excess water, then let them air-dry before I tie them up for bed.

I know it sounds intense, but it is definitely working for me! All of the crazy scratching has been subdued. I also find that the frequent washing keeps my locs soft (I focus the shampoo more on my scalp than the locs, so the locs just benefit from water/moisture), as well as promotes the maturing process. My locs look more and more like locs and less like twists each month :D

I'm due for a tightening before Christmas. Time is running away from me & it will take a while to complete my entire head. When I do, I'll style them & take some pics to share with you all. :-)

p.s. I celebrated my 24th birthday on Sunday past. I'm alive and God has been/still is so good to me!!!