February 26, 2009

Month 2! Busy, but still an easy, awesome SL month :)

Helloooooo! It's been a while, hasn't it? :)
I had to come out of hiding to celebrate my second month with Sisterlocks!
My how the time has flown by!

I accomplished one mini goal for month 2. 
* I've been using hair accessories (TTwists, flowers, tams and scarves)

Other than that, I've been too busy to style my hair. Lucky thing is - I didn't need to!
Shower, shake and go is still a good look for me at this baby stage of my locks.

GOOD NEWS!!! My locks are starting to bud on the end...already! This isn't happening on all of them, but quite a few are creating balls on the ends. And as I run my fingers along those locks, I can feel the difference! :)

Presently, it's been 4 weeks and a day since my last re-twist. I'll be getting my hair re-twisted next week...meaning that I've made my goal for 5 weeks in between tightening sessions.

I have a mini-fro going on under the locks...LOL...but that's where headbands, scarves and tams come in!

 <~ an example of my little buds. My locks are growing up! *tear* LOL

February 03, 2009

Tomoka's Twists! Love 'Em!

Hey guys! Got my 2 Tomoka's Twists (Goldie Locks & DNatural) this morning! Above are some pics I took and below is a YouTube vid I made while having fun with my new twisties! [I'm only showcasing the Goldie Locks because the color stands out more.] Enjoy!

p.s. whenever you have some time, please check out my other vids and show some love!
Youtube channel: BahamianSunflower
And check out Carmen's products: Tomoka's Twists