November 10, 2009

So much has changed! :D

Hello SL family!!!

First off, let me apologize for my absence these last few months.
I've been very busy re-adjusting to life @ home, thus neglecting this blog, my fotki hair album, as well as my Youtube channel. I don't take disappearing & reappearing lightly, as I have made some really good friends all over the internet :). Anyways, I'm hopping back on the hog and thanking all who have left kind comments while I was gone. *MUAH* [did you feel that? :)]

Soooo much has changed with my locks! First things first, I've taken over re-tightening my own locks...yes, the whole head, by myself. lol. It's a challenge but also a great feeling.

Secondly, I've had to change my tool from the plastic children's needle to a paper clip because my locks are now too thick to fit through that small hole (see a pic of that needle from last post). I personally recommend all newbies (with thin locks) to practice with that needle or something similar if they're thinking about self-retightening one day.

Thirdly, my regimen has changed - more on that later.

Finally, the majority of my Sisterlocks have buds. The rest of my hair is condensing and there are only 3 or 4 curly ends on my head. My locks have really thickened up too. Wow! What a transformation! I've been taking pics the entire time. I plan to make a video to celebrate my first anniversary with SLs. I can't believe I've been a loc-head for over 10 months!!! This time last year, I was so anxious about flying home to get my test locks installed! Where has the time gone?! :)

Check out some pics below. It's a progression from untightened->tightened->bantu knots->knot-out. More to come later!