May 25, 2009

Desperate times call for Desperate Measures...Self-Retightening!!

Hello SL Fam! Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post and I have yet to find the money for a re-tightening session. What's a girl to do with loads of new growth while on a trip? Take a whack @ re-tightening! I wanted at least the front to look neat, so that was my challenge.

I went to Walmart and purchased a small, plastic children's needle from the Craft section (pack of 4 for 99 cents) and got to work. It took me 3 evenings just to finish the front of my hair. LOL. I know it's because I was being extra careful, so I took my slow time. I used a simple 4 point pattern, cuz I know nothing else.

What have I learnt from the experience?
- re-tightening requires loads of patience and arm strength. lol
- once you get the hang of it, you don't need to re-tighten locks with a mirror (watching movies kept me awake and entertained)
- I'll leave the re-tightening to the least for the time-being. I felt very liberated and proud of myself for doing this, but I'll wait at least a full year or so before I completely take over with self-maintenance.

Here are some pics of the finished work in the front:

Extreme shrinkage following my first wash since re-tightening:

As for the rest of my hair, I'll schedule a re-tightening session with my lovely consultant Mrs. Whymns [after pay day]. lol. Oh the stories I have to tell her...she's gonna laugh her head off, I'm sure. :)



  1. Looks good! You did a great job!!!

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  3. SunshineSisterlocks... girl, you did an EXCELLENT JOB! (It's NO JOKE though, huh!) But isn't soooooooo good to know that you CAN DIY!

    How smart you are, too! "Plastic children's needles???" ...WHO KNEW! Apparently, YOU!!!!

    You have just taught me something that I'll have to look into. Outstanding A++!

  4. Bless your heart! I have that same needle. I've used it but find it easier with the SL hook tool. I used to crochet so using it comes almost naturally. I think the needle is much better for DIY because the SL hook tool catches hairs sometimes, but the needle goes through the lock smoothly.

  5. How did I miss this blog! I love your hair! You did a great job. DIY Re-tightenings require a lot, but you have such a sense of accomplishment when it's done. Your hair looks great!

  6. Wow you did a great job!!! At least you know if needed you can freshen up your own hair :-)

  7. By my estimation, you did a great job! The more you retighten, the faster you get. When I did mine the first time a few months ago, it took me 9hours for a full retightening. Now I do it in aprox. 6 hours!

  8. Hey maam. How's the hair coming along? Looks like you did a great job retightening. Keep up the good work!

  9. Was there any video or anything you did to get an idea on how to do this pattern? I'm in desperate need to retighten but I live so far away from the closest consultant, it looks like i'll have to take the DIY route for this one. Your locks look amazing, i'd be proud if i were you!

    I was going to use a crochet hook but a plastic needle seems to me like a better idea! Thank you!