April 15, 2009

Curled Up and Twisted Out!!

Hey SL Fam!!! My last post was word-heavy, so I decided that my next one would be pic-heavy. lol
I'm really having fun with my hair. I've been styling it more and more as well. Below are pics from the last 2 weeks. First, I used LockLoops to create some really cute curls. And this week, I did two-strand twists on dry hair then rocked a twist-out this week. :)

LockLoops Curls:


Have fun with your hair!


April 09, 2009

The Issue of Lock Imperfection

Hello SL Fam!

Like many other Sisterlocks enthusiasts, I'm a part of the Lock-It-Up group. There was a certain topic that struck a chord with me...being unhappy with how Sls look. I think because we invest so much money, we may at times seek perfection in our locks, but like a poster so point-of-factly stated, there are no perfect locks. I waited many months and researched for a long time before I was 100% certain that this was the route I wanted my hair to take. The final step was for me to accept my hair no matter how it turned out, and to realize that no, it will not look like my favourite heads of hair on these blogs. Why is that? Because each head of sisterlocks is different and I'd be doing myself a disservice to become frustrated with my own hair if it didn't resemble someone else's.

This has absolutely nothing to do with unprofessional or shoddy work done by uncaring locticians. Your locs should be installed properly [according to your hair type] and your personal preference. If you get less than the quality service you deserve, yes, you should speak up, have it corrected and/or find a new loctician.But please, ladies...don't nitpick or stress out over your hair! Patience is key! I am a witness to the fact that locks change so quickly with each month, and the time you spend complaining and looking for hair issues, you could be enjoying and learning how your hair reacts during this lock journey.

So yeah, that's just my encouragement. At a little over 3 months, my locks are frizzy, bumpy and a few of them still experience slippage. Also, a handful of them have 'pockets' in them. And you know what? I LOVE MY HAIR.

How about we all just grow along with our hair...grow to accept how it looks now and how it will change in the future.

Below are close-up pics of my bumpy, frizzy, imperfect, wonderful sisterlocks.