March 23, 2009

Month 3 = crazy thickness!

Well, the end of this month will make it 3 months that I've been sisterlocked.
My locks look nothing like they did when I first got them. They're blossoming so well you guys! I never expected them to get thick and swollen like this. Love it!!!
I can see that they are preparing to lock, as they are forming complete coils. They're also very frizzy and fuzzy. My loctician offered to "groom" my locs, but I'm not yet comfortable with that idea. I just wanna leave it alone and let it do what it wants. It's not perfect-looking, but it's mine and I'm so proud of my babies! I love that my locs have 'character' and I'm enjoying watching them find their own way. Personalized journeys are always the best.


  1. Wow, grooming at three months?? Sounds a bit soon. Glad you passed. Everyone is different I suppose, but at three months I think the "frizz" has not had enought time to mesh into the locks, you know?

  2. I totally agree! I saw the scissors and got scared IMMEDIATELY! LOLOL
    I'm quite okay with them not looking neat or perfect. I just want them to hurry up and mature. I'm not about to do anything that may jeopardize or prolong that.

  3. Your blog and your locks are lovely!!!!! I'm glad you didn't allow her to groom your hair so early. That's NOT a good idea. Keep on blogging Sunshine!!

  4. ur SLs r very nice. luv the thickness! great blog!!