February 26, 2009

Month 2! Busy, but still an easy, awesome SL month :)

Helloooooo! It's been a while, hasn't it? :)
I had to come out of hiding to celebrate my second month with Sisterlocks!
My how the time has flown by!

I accomplished one mini goal for month 2. 
* I've been using hair accessories (TTwists, flowers, tams and scarves)

Other than that, I've been too busy to style my hair. Lucky thing is - I didn't need to!
Shower, shake and go is still a good look for me at this baby stage of my locks.

GOOD NEWS!!! My locks are starting to bud on the end...already! This isn't happening on all of them, but quite a few are creating balls on the ends. And as I run my fingers along those locks, I can feel the difference! :)

Presently, it's been 4 weeks and a day since my last re-twist. I'll be getting my hair re-twisted next week...meaning that I've made my goal for 5 weeks in between tightening sessions.

I have a mini-fro going on under the locks...LOL...but that's where headbands, scarves and tams come in!

 <~ an example of my little buds. My locks are growing up! *tear* LOL


  1. Pretty. I especially like the sunflower. Awwh, your little buds are sprouting.

  2. GO deh gyal! Hair looks great! I can't wait until I get my install, and then reach my 1 year mark!

  3. Congrats on the progress! Your SL are lovely!

  4. Thank you so much ladies!!!
    Time flies by so fast!

  5. I was reading your blog and saw a comment I can readily identify with: too busy to style, but thankfully you don't have to!

    That has been the story of my life since I started my SLs. I think about the hours I spent straightening my hair or twisting it or getting some form of extensions. And I'm just like: where would I find the time anymore?

    I literally never style my hair. I don't curl it or twist it or braid it out. I wash and go all the time.

    My style options consist of down, down with a headband or scarf, and up in a bun or ponytail.

    I have enough length that I could actually do some pretty fabulous stuff. And occasionally I feel like I should, but somehow I never get around to it.

    For months I've been saying I should curl it because it is at sort of a weird layered just past my shoulders length where it should be longer or shorter and now it just sort of hangs.

    But I haven't done it yet and I have an itching feeling that by the time I get truly motivated it will probably have grown past this stage.

    LWC strikes again....